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Team Mission Statement

Updated: Jan 7, 2021


Dear Team Member

I am writing this because I feel like people don’t understand what we do at BSB to help people win races and how our program works. So, I though a short note to explain a few things may give you a different out look on things. 1st we are a Performance Company, this means we are more interested in winning than selling. The first thing we ask when looking at a product is how will this make us faster, not how can we sell it or how much can we make. Understand we must make money to stay in business and that allows us to improve on what we do to make you faster. 2nd, when we look at a product we look at how to make it better, I always tell people to find the problem than fix it this alone will win you races. We do the same in our parts, improving how they work so you don’t have to, fixing the problem. 3rd our service goes well be on the sell, our marketing plan includes you winning or running better than you have in the past. When people see you doing better or when you do you let other know. It is in my best interest that you run good weeks after the sell, therefore we work so hard to help people. Each of the things we have done is to improve your race program, so we can win. Let’s look at a few of them so you can see what we are doing.

· Birdcages: Mission is to improve overall performance and traction.

A: Improved bore location and bore dia. allows better side and drive.

B: Angular contact bearing allow better load control.

C: Precision bearing alignment allows better drive in the slick.

· Springs: Mission to improve drive feel and longevity.

A: Better material to improve overall performance.

B: Better spring life, for more feel over a season.

C: Better design, better wire diameter.

D: Heat treated and shot peen to improve performance and feel.

· Shock: Mission to do it right from the being, to close the gap between racer and parts.

A: Honed bodies to improve feel, valving and the consistency of the part over the season.

B: Reduce hysteresis in the shock to increase feel for the drive.

C: Improve and educate races on the function of the shock.

D: Improve design through shims, bleed, piston designs to better improve the function and feel the shock makes.

E: To improve grip levels in the car by fixing lag time and pressure differential in comp / gas pressure and the movement of the divider piston.

· Team Building Skills: Mission to improve and understand the big picture in racing.

A: Setup a program to improve week to week function in the shop. (Team GoFast)

B: Understand the balance of the race car between setup and driving.

C: Understand the value of the meaning of TEAM and to create a relationship between them that builds strength in the group.

D: Cerate a small group of races to develop a Master-Mine think tank.

It is our goal to win races, without that we just sell parts and that is no fun. So, to improve on our goals we need work together on building your program to the next level in both performance, skills and dedication to the sport. I often ask how come we participate in a sport without a coach or practice and we go to an event unprepared to win. This is racing as we know and BSB is trying to close the gap one person at a time. The 2021 season is fast upon us and we are making decision that are going to affect the outcome of that seasons let’s make some good one together and let’s WIN.

God Bless you in 2021 .

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