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Our Goals

For 28 years it has been our goal to see you succeed at racing and that flame burns on hotter today than ever. With 45 National Championships to our title it is not time to look back, it is time to look forward. I feel like every time the phone rings and someone ask for help it is the start to the next Championship. You never know where that next winner will come from, and it could be you. Join today.

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Chassis Form

This is your setup page for you chassis where you can add or change daily to you setup. This allows you to build a setup over time and to review the changes you made. Moving forward and improving weekly is a Team goal.

Squaring the Car

How to square car to motor plate and ensure front and rear turn in your chassis. Understanding why this is so important to the total outcome of the car.

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Video Player

Videos created just for Team Members to better learn how and why a car works. Gaining knowledge is key to success and staying on the front edge is how we gain that knowledge.


Information about everything to help you learn and understand the finer adjustments to your chassis. Winning is our goal and being better at what you do comes first. 

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