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Lr Bypass Shock

The Idea here is to bypass oil when the shock is in the rough and we can do it one of two ways. One in your shock we can manage to add bypass that will work well, we are limited to how much and where in the shock it happens. 2nd we can do it in a 1512 or 2512 shock by changing the bleed hole locations and size. Unlike the SRT this shock has its function and works well it is not the answer to all racing problems but it will give you a great left rear shock.

Call us if you would like to know more about the left rear bypass. 620-326-3152


Update 7-13-21:

The bypass that is added to this type of shock is added in the top 2" or when the shock is at full stroke than it is in the bypass. The idea is to make an area in the shock valving where it can have less holding power (zero point) and make more traction allow left rear tire to dig. What we need on entry kills us on exit, so we need to pick our battles and this shock allows us to marry the 2 together. Remember that this shock only works in the top 2" of travel the rest of the travel is just like a stiff shock and will do the things a stiff shock will do.

When looking for drive off exit and the track is a little rough , this is a great option for that, a LR bypass shock is what your looking for.


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