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National Champions

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

PLEASE help me out here, we are trying to build a wall of fame at the shop with past national champions from 2000 and we want to include track champion too. Here is the parameters we have followed since 2010, if you won an National Championship or major race like Super Nationals, Harris Clash and you were our shocks, this is the list below. But I would like to extend that to track champions starting with the year 2010 to the current 2020. Post on the blog your Name, Year and track you ran for that year, this will include all people running our shocks, spring, and products. Here's what that would look like: Tom Charles / 2010 / Thunder Hill Speedway this is probably wrong even though Tom won a couple championships. Here is the list of National Champions below, if you

If we have missed someone on the list above please let me know as we want to get you added to the list.

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