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The Race of Life

Hey, I like to go fast, do crazy things, racing, drifting and just flat out drive fast, and I can do this because I know that my life is right with God.  As you may know I feel strongly about being right with god and what God has planned for our life, as you also know we have lost some really good people lately to racing accidents. If you love racing like I do or just plan on going fast in cars then you need to understand the connection and the passion between God and racing. In order to be passionate about something you need to be spiritual about it, and how can you be spiritual about something if you do not have God in your life.  This is a dangerous sport that we participate in and our life’s are at risk every time we go out on the track, so you need to be right with God, this is the one of the many secrets to racing. An old man told me one time, you are stronger with God, than you are without him, and that strength is what God gives us and is what makes racing possible. This is a fun sport but it is not what is important in life and our main calling is to spread the word of God so that we all come out winners in life’s race, the only race that is worth running. So before you go out on the track the next time make sure that you are right with God so you can win both the race you are in and the race of life.  Ask God into your heart and ask for forgiveness for your sins and start winning the race of life. If you have any questions or need help in making a decision for Christ than call us at 620.326.3152 and ask for Yvette or Jay and we will help you with that.

The flag and a cross

This picture was not taken or created by me, but was given to me to used by an outside source, I hope God blesses the person who made it. Thanks

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