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Stock Car Shock Package

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Looking to improve your program or just finish out the year strong, a BSB shock package can get you to the front. On a stock car weather it is IMCA or USRA we can get you rolling in the right direction.

Lets start buy looking at the rules:

  • IMCA

9. SHOCKS: One steel non-adjustable unaltered shock per wheel. Maximum 7 inch stroke on front shocks and maximum 9 inch stroke on rear shocks. All shocks must completely collapse at any time. No shock can pre-load or pin any spring. No external or internal bumpers or stops. No coil over, air, or remote reservoir shocks. No Schrader or bladder type valve allowed. No coil over eliminators. One or all shocks may be claimed per event for $50 each, counting as one claim on card, following shock claim procedures (Refer to

  • USRA

5.11.5 Racing shocks and springs are permitted. One (1) unaltered, non-adjustable steel-bodied shock per wheel. Aluminum shaft guide on shock end is permitted. Bump stops (internal or external) are not allowed. Any suspension stops are not allowed. Suspension travel limiting devices are not allowed. Shock shaft must be able to compress all the way into shock body. Shock shaft must move in both directions from its installed position and measured at ride height. Shock cannot preload the spring.

5.11.6 Coil-over, remote and/or air reservoir shocks are not allowed.

5.11.7 Bladder-type valves and/or Schrader valves are not allowed.

5.11.8 Shocks shall be subject to claim, as outlined in Claim Procedures (Article 16). 5.11.9 Widgets, spring-loaded cups and/or double spring cups are not allowed.

BSB Shocks that are legal are:


  • SRT Piston, (15, 20 and 25 Series)

  • Base Valve, (15 and 25 Series)

  • Elite, (15 and 25 Series)

Shock packages can include as many shocks as you need and we can determine that after a phone consultation. Here are some option based on springs.

IMCA / USRA Soft spring setup:

  • RFGF-300/130@100 PSI (950)

  • LF1-75/160@100PSI (1000)

  • RRN/200@100PSI (225-250X13)

  • LR1-40-350@150PSI (125X16) (175X16)

IMCA / USRA Heavy spring setup:

  • RFGF-600/130@100 PSI (1150)

  • LFGF-300/160@100PSI (1050)

  • RR1-40/110@100PSI (230-250)(225)

  • LR1-40-350@150 PSI (125X16) (175X16)

Adding a SRT or Base Valve is an option and will change gas pressure but not valving. If we determine during evaluation that a greater or lesser shock is needed than we build that shock. These are not predetermine shock packages but a starting point to build from.


For more information about our shock please search options and valving on this web site. Here are a couple links to speed that up.

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