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20 Series Shock

The 20 Series shock is one of the best engineered shocks on the market by far, we fixed all of the problems we had seen and turned it into the 20 Series shock and started winning races. The 20 Series was our 1st piece to build and we didn’t like what others were doing with their shock bodies so we did what we thought was right, we honed them, and we have been doing it ever since. This process of honing and finishing the inside of our bodies allows us to hold tighter tolerance between the piston and body of the shock which gives you a shock that will not fade over the course of the season. This cost more but it is about being better not cheaper because that is how you are going to win races and this is our thought process for building shocks. We want to win, flat out win.

  •    Low drag assembly, which includes the divider, seal and main piston.

  •    Bronze coated Teflon wearband, reduces friction and increase sealing.

  •    Honed and coated tube ID.

  •    Shim technology.

  •    High flow linear piston design.

  •    Ring groves cut for coil over kits.



Build Instruction:
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