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Shocks we build

This is some of the shocks we build, it has become a unique list and we want to make it simpler for people to understand. Now we could use the standard coding like 7-1, but this is also lacks tons of information and really lacks real knowledge of what is going on with the shock. You need to remember from our valve code chart, that other companies valving is so different from one to the other that it becomes almost useless to use, and you also can’t ask your buddy what he is using it will different from what you are doing. You also need to understand that all these shim stackers are not help this out either because most of them don’t understand what they are doing and when all is said and done they add to the mess. We have been working towards a system that gives basic information that will tell you what is going on in the shock or at least the important part of it. One thing that I want you to understand is that we have been rebound 1st and compression 2nd company, (30/40 meaning 30 rebound and 40 compression) and when you see this type of valving it is a standard bleed system. Most of our shocks are built in a custom fashion, or where the bleed system is changed to help the driver\car make more feel or grip. In this section we will not get into special builds like the “B” stack or the SRT builds that we do because they do need more time to explain them, but what I would like to cover is the standard terms that we engrave on each shock and what they mean. As you can see from the chart we build many different kind of shock, this doesn’t include all the stuff we do but gives you and outline of how it is done.

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