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SHOCKS FOR SALE: $1680.00 set of 4

This set of shocks is a little more detailed than most, and I would like to keep them together as a set, therefore I am going to the effort to explain what there are.

This set is design to turn a car on the front tires well while carrying some spring rate in the car.

This is a set of 25 Series Elite with a 2512 RF shock:

What is an Elite Shock from BSB; that is a base valve shock with an SRT piston in them, why is this so good. Because both items are making grip in the car in a different fashion, the base valve is holding the oil column to allow the piston to process oil better and the SRT is controlling everything on the track that the tire is seeing.

The right front is a 2512 TTT shock with the bleed zone at 16.750 center to center, this shock is valved as a 14 rebound in one zone and an 8 rebound in the other zone.

  • · RF 2512 @ 16.750 (spring rate 550-650)

  • · LF1-75/160 SRT-BV@30 psi (8-3) (spring rate 500-600)

  • · RR1-40/110 SRT-BV @ 30 psi (6-2) (spring rate 200-250) depends on motor package.

  • · LR1-50-400 SRT-BV @175 psi (2-8)(on our chart, this is a stiffer shock than it sounds like. (spring 125 x 16)

This can be put together with a set of springs if you would like the whole package.

4 springs total price is $325.00 rates above

4 Shock total is $1680.00 shocks above

2512 T3 Shock Technologies




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