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Shocks for Sale

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

SHOCKS FOR SALE: $920.00 set of 4 + shipping

Here is a good chance to buy a set of B-Mod shock and get it going fast. We had a couple of set that were not picked up from shipping so they will sell fast. I will try to explain what they are the best I can.

  • RFGF-300/130 @100 psi (500-600 spring rate) 500 lbs

  • LF1-40/160 @100 psi (5-3) (spring rate 500-600) 550 lbs

  • RR1-40/110 @ 100 psi (6-2) (spring rate 200-250) 230-250 lbs

  • LR1-40-400 SRT@225 psi (2-8)(on our chart, this is a stiffer shock than it sounds like. (spring 125 x 16)

This can be put together with a set of springs if you would like the whole package.

4 springs total price is $325.00 rates above

4 Shock total is $920.00 shocks above



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