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20 Series Shock

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

What makes one shock better than the other, well sometimes we think it’s just price and as you can tell from the past that’s not buying a lot of wins. You need to look deeper into what the shock is made from and how it is constructed. When set out to build the 20 Series shock we had many ideals in mind, 1st fix the problems that lie in the shocks that were causing us problem on the race track, 2nd to enhance the race car, to produce more feel and performance based on the shock, and 3rd to win races. We feel that we have done what we set out to do by fixing fundamental problems that occur in a shock and have been overlooked in the past because it just wasn’t important enough to fix. By decreasing hysteresis in the valve and improving oil flow through the piston, and changing the bleed circuit all to enhance how the shock flows oil to improve on the grip that we make for the driver. 

This shock has won many of races from modified to stock cars, from national champions to local champions and in every class we have been in. Now will feel it time to make some improvements to a really good thing and take this shock to the next level of performance, by increasing its ability to make driver feel by reduce rod force and increased oil control through the main piston. With the ever growing focus to a crate motor package or a low horsepower car it becomes more important to increase grip at the tires and increase driver’s response time to what the track is telling them.  BSB new 20 Series Base Valve is designed to do just that, by controlling the internal oil pressure and increasing the main pistons ability to flow oil we have accomplish what most drivers are look for from their cars. FEEL in the driver seat. In order to be the fastest car on the track you need to work with the people that want to produce the best parts and the most speed, and have the desire to win. Our advantage is yours.

After winning the IMCA National points in 2015 with what is a new design in this shock we are really looking forward to helping customers improving their race program in 2016 and beyond? This BV shock will make more feel and grip than other shocks and is the only one specially made for a Northern Sport Mod, allowing for better control of their car. It is as simply as this, there was many nights that we were able to find the moisture on the track better that anyone else, and when you do that you win races.

Update: 4/11/2020 Base Valve Shock: The 20 Series BV shock production has been put on hold and superseded by the 15 Series shock due to the more efficient gas volume. We will continue to repair any 20 Series shock that come thru the door until a later date.

20-9090-7 Standard Gas shock

15-9090-7 Base Valve gas Shock

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