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Shocks for our Boys in Blue

Building shocks is our passion and what would make more sense than building shocks for the US Military, BSB supplied shocks for the great men and woman of this country that protected us in time of war. We built shocks for the US Military during Desert Storm for a program where they added armor plating to standard truck for deliveries . The problem at hand was they were on a 100 percent failure rate on every mission, with 3400 trucks in service and such a high failure rate it made it hard to serve the men and woman that needed supplies. When the call came in, the project demand a 5 day turn around on the first 10 prototypes, this included engineering and manufacturing. After the first delivery we reduced the failure rate to 10 percent and later got it down to 1 percent. After building 7000 coil over units over a two year time span and another 2000 units of a different design and 1000 spare we concluded the program as being the only supplier not to miss a delivery date. We take great pride in serving this great country and we look forward to serving you and your company with the same passion, if you need shocks or springs or other parts manufactured give us a call and we can start working for you today.

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