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Ring Shim Technology

Ring shim technology is a form of shim stack in a shock, it has been used by many shock companies in the past but is not being used that much currently. A ring shim is like a ring that sets on top of a shim in the shock that allows another shim to be placed on top of it so the top shim can be preloaded.  This is what BSB has done from day one, we have utilized a ring shim with a bleed shim from our very first piece that we built. Here at BSB we believe that how the oil goes through the piston is what makes the difference in how a shock works, it is how well the oil is processed from one side to the other that makes feel in the car. Sometimes oil is transferred from one side to the other without being processed this is not valving that the shock is making it is just a simple transfer of oil from compression to rebound.  You ask, how can this be if oil moves from one side to the other side it has to go thought the piston in order for that to happen and for the most part that is true. It is a lot simpler to move oil than you think, oil can be transferred through the bleed hole without increasing the force to the tire.

Ring Shim Technology

We are not talking about a number that you would see on a dyno, we are talking about a number that makes driver feel. That number can be pretty low, and can be generated by the bleed circuit depending on how that is configured with in the shock.  The beauty of a ring shim is to add strength to the stack without adding a ton of shims to your stack. We build a very nice stack that opens easy and closes easy allowing for feel and grip for the race car, a ring shim is a good way to do this. We do put a lot of importance on feel because this is what is going to make the driver react, and the one that reacts the fastest is the one that is going to win the race. Ring shims are not the only way to go, but it is the direction we have chosen to produce feel and grip for the driver. Come join the winning number of people that are using ring shim technology to win races. See you at the finish line.

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