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Behind the Sticker

BSB Shocks

All BSB shocks are built to the same standard whether it is a 10 series Hobby Stock shock or a 62 series Late Model shock. We design and build all the parts in house on state of the art CNC machines, using high quality standards such as SPC and ISO to produce the highest quality on the market today. Our one of a kind piston - shims stack design delivers a unique performance value that is not only seen but felt in the race car. We are testing more this year than we ever have, to ensure that we are bringing the best piece to market. This is not just a shock but a start to something better.

Honed ID Tubing

Honed ID tubing allows the shock to hold its pressure levels 10x's longer than DOM tubing, and the shock doesn't lose pressure as you use it. BSB is the only shock company in this market that uses honed tube, even compared to a much higher dollar shock.

Surface Treated ID Tubing

BSB performs a surface treatment on the ID of the tube that decreases the drag and increases the seal between wearband and tube. This gives the shock a better seal and a longer life.

Low Drag Seal Head

This gives the shock less drag between the seal and the shaft allowing for better feel and performance.

Bronze Wearband

Teflon coated bronze wearbands increase wear resistance and sealing to the tube while decreasing drag.

Valving Standards

BSB builds shocks to dyno pressures and not valve codes, this delivers a better overall product. When building to a shim stack code a small variance in parts will increase or decrease the overall pressure outcome in the shock.

BSB Blue Shock Oil

Specially designed by, well lets just say a bunch of really smart guys with big degrees did it for us so you can have the best oil ever. BSB oil is designed with extremely high viscosity indexes over 350, low pour points and reduced friction capability, this high performance fluid shows a considerably reduced rate of viscosity change when subjected to elevated temperatures.

Custom Shock Service

Why buy a shock from a shock company and then have to send it to someone to fix it the way it should be. BSB is not a production line shock company that is mass producing shocks , we are a custom shock builder, building shocks to meet your needs. When we build a shock there is a lot of things that change the out come of that shock, things such as shim hardness, wearband thickness, piston thickness, tube diameter, stack configuration and bleed sizes, all these things make a difference in the pressure the shock makes. As these things change so does the out come of the shock , this is why you can have a shock that works great but when you buy the next one it is different. This is why when you buy a shock from BSB it will be the same every time. We are looking to build a relationship with you over time, not just sell you something and go on down the road. Shocks are a big part of your racing program and we want it to be a great addition to your racing program. Make sure the guy selling you your next set of shocks knows what goes in them and how they work so you get the best value possible. Know what is behind that fancy sticker.

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