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Mod Lite Smash Numbers

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Attention Mod-Lite and Dwarf car drivers:


Mod lite racing

If you are on a BSB shock package from us, we need to start collecting a data base of your shock and springs along with load numbers at ride height and compressed height loads. We can do this and apply it to your scan file, so you have all the info right at your fingertips 24/7. Here is what we need: Scale numbers, spring rate and center to center measurement at ride height, each car will be different so your numbers will only apply to you. These are not load numbers or wheel loads these are smash numbers at ride height but will allow us to set new spring loads or check your spring rates in the off season.

2nd we need to determine a RR 2” number for a mod lite, so keep a close eye on your travel on the right rear, discard the rough nights. We need to do this the rest of the season to determine how far we are getting down. The people that do it will be the one that gets the info so they can apply it to their cars.

Download XLSX • 219KB

Note: When you open this download you have to enable it to use it.


Update: Step to getting what you need,

  1. Scale car, it is best to scale your car this helps to determine where the mass of the weight is or center of gravity.

  2. Measure your shock assy center to center or eye to eye when the car is setting on the shop floor. Needs to be a flat spot. (dim A)

  3. Measure the height of your spring when you car is setting on a flat spot. This determine the load the car is holding up and allow us to setup shocks and springs together in the future for you.


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