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Bump Stop Rates

I am not going to dive into this real deep because this is more about rate of the bump and not what is a bump. We can use a bump stop for two different reason when it comes to dirt track racing. 1st to stop the cars movement when entering the corner or when hitting a hole, kind of like add spring rate at the bottom of travel. 2nd to build load rate on the tire allowing the tire to turn when cornering. The 2nd way is what most people are looking for today, tire load. The down side to a bump stop is, it can be a little intimidating because you can’t determine its rate by the color of stripe it has, but in reality, it is just a spring. Therefore, we are publishing the rate to better help you understand what you are dealing with, when trying to figure out the rates of each bump. What I like about a bump stop more than a bump spring is that is has a larger zone in the travel that is softer as you can see by the chart. Keep that in mind when setting up your suspension and how you want it to work. The other thing that we often overlook is where we really are running the car, we look at pictures and say that our car in down on the nose and often times it is not where we need it to be. You need some sort of data to determine where you are at in travel and a travel indicator is one step closer to getting that info. (20-9090-72)

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