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Mod Lite Shock School

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Feb 5th we are doing a shock school for Mod Lites and Dwarf cars and this is how it will work.

We are going to do a school to a private Facebook page that you can be a member of after you pay. You will have access to it for the whole year. During the show you can ask questions and we can enter act as much as we need to, this is about learning.

Step one: Call the shop and pay $110.00 and we will make a member to that page.

Step two: Tune in to the Facebook page and we will do the show Feb 5th at 1pm.

Step three: Be ready to learn and ask questions.

This is going to be a short week so we want to get as may people sign up as we can, if we run short we will move it to the 15th.

Here is the list of contents that we have for the show.


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