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How to determine what shock you have.

How to understand our shock valving:

We will stay with the left rear on this, but when dealing with a BSB shock we mark what is important to the shock. RF, LF and RR are mark in rebound low speed and LR is mark in compression low speed and high speed. Well here is how it works:

LR1-40-400 SRT@225 psi (2-8)

  • · LR: is the position of the shock.

  • · 1: Means the low speed has been increased from standard.

  • · -40: Is the low speed at 1” on the dyno on the average chart, this is higher than a standard bleed system, or when you have a hole in a piston that you can’t make any smaller.

  • · -400: Is the high speed at 10” per second, this is also where the generic valve number comes from. This number is not the same for two shock companies or two shock builders.

  • · SRT: This is where it will tell you if there is anything special about the shock. SRT, COB, Base Valve or Schrader valve is being added to the shock.

  • · @ 225 psi: This is the amount of gas that is being added the shock.

  • · 2-8: The 2 is rebound and the 8 is compression.

Now we can build any type of left rear you like as far as valving is concerned, we can also vary the zero point and gas pressure too. What we need and what we want sometimes are different and what we want doesn’t always make traction. Just let us know what we can do to help.

Let's look at the RF and how that will read on your shock.

RF1-75/130@100 psi

This has the same break down as the left rear but just now on the RF and it is in rebound and not in compression. The 75 still represents the 1" rebound number and when that number gets bigger the rebound will too. When you see / this separates the rebound from the compression and the next number will be compression high speed.

This format is the same across all of our shock, the only thing we do different is on 12 Series shocks when someone orders a 30/30 than it is listed as such, or it has a white tag on it. The only other thing you will see on our shock is a serial number and that is to track the shock and the build, that number will look like this SN# 24501 . If you have ant questions please call us and we will help you. 620-326-3152

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