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10 Series Shock

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

When we started building shocks, the thinking was to do it right the first time, well this is the tone that we have carried throughout all of our product lines. What you need to understand is that we build product to win races and figure out later how to sale it. Winning, or getting better is what we are all about, and if we can’t do that then the product is not worth selling. So when our product gets compared to a cheaper brand we take it personal, because we know what we have done to get it to this point. A 10 Series shock, or a Hobby or stock mount shock maybe a starter piece but it doesn’t have to lack quality or performance. So let’s take a look at what we do to make our stuff better.

  • Gas shock over twin tube: Gives the car better control over the length of the race and the season.

  • Honed body: This is a game changer when it comes to the life of the shock and how much fade it has over the season. Kind of hard to race when your shocks are fading due to bleed by. Our body is round and straight to .0005 to ensure a better seal of the piston to body.

  • Low drag seal: Unlike many of the other so called cheaper shocks that uses a OEM style seal that has a lot of drag on them we use a urethane seal that allows for good seal while allowing the shaft to slide easily along the shaft.

  • Billet Piston: Allows us to change piston design more often as needed, not the standard OEM piston design for highway miles. This is not a cheap OEM spring loaded design to blow off when the pressure gets to high, it is a ring shim designed stack for precision control.

  • Low drag divider piston: We use a small o-ring on the divider to reduce drag and increase its ability to move under small amounts of shaft movement increasing the shocks ability to produce feel and grip for the car.

Well we could go on here for a while because we forgot stuff like stack design, shock oil, ID body treatment, Teflon coated wearbands and gas pressure that makes our stuff perform better than other brands. This is some of the stuff we do different to try to make our shocks better, it is up to you to compare and to choice what you think is best. Go fast, and God Bless.

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