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10 Series are IMCA legal

With the new rule change in IMCA it has a few people looking to do new things with there shocks.

1st thing you need to know we are legal, But not all 10 Series shock are.


9. SHOCKS: One unaltered steel, nonadjustable, OEM-mount shock, in OEM location, per wheel. All shocks must completely collapse at any time. No shock can pre-load or pin any spring. No external or internal bumpers or stops. No bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, air, or remote reservoir shocks. Shock body, stroke and extended length must match both sides. Maximum 8 inch stroke, 20.5 inch extended length and 2.125 inch O.D. shock body. No gas port, Schrader or bladder type valve allowed. No coil-over eliminators. Rear OEM shock location is 4.5 inches from bottom of housing to center of bolt hole, and centered on control arm bracket. $25 claim on any shock. One or all shocks on car may be claimed per event, counting as one claim on card, following shock claim procedures and penalties (Refer to

This is a 10 Series legal set of shocks set in and approved by IMCA, the fronts are what we call 5" stroke and the rears are a 7" stroke.

NOTE: We do make a 9" stroke shock and it is not IMCA legal, it is in other sanction. It has a 9" stroke and is roughly 23" open center to center.

Also note that the sticker will not determine the length of the shock.

The only way to determine that you have a good peace is to measure it, it will be real plan to tell what you have if you do this.


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