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FAX: 620-326-5789

How to send in shocks


All shocks must come with form in order to make changes to shock. Call ahead to confirm, the procedures will not take place without the form. Someone else will enter shocks in to sale system so the phone in information that you received will not be added to work order unless you fill out the form.

  • Step one: Call or determine what needs to be done to shock. Write down what we talk, if you don't understand say so and we will make it more clear. Determining what your car needs is highly important.

  • Step two: Print and fill out form, add to box. Make sure we can find it please. Also if you want to get the most from your updates include a setup sheet of you current setup, this way we can determine what is going on. This will become part of your file and can be updated at any time.

  • Step three: Take a picture with your phone of form so you have a backup copy of it. If we need to call later you will have the same info as I do.

  • Step four: Ship box, UPS is faster than USPS although it maybe higher in price it will be faster. US mail maybe easier to do from your location and we understand that, but if time is a factor the  US mail is slower on our end and may cost you a couple more days.

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