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BSB #3074   Wolfpack Brake Pads (Pagid)

BSB #3074 Wolfpack Brake Pads (Pagid)

This Wolfpack brake pad is bedded in at the factory so it is ready to go right out of the box. This is a COLD pad also known as High Torque Low Heat. So there is no need to ride the brakes to keep heat in them. They will react the same on the first lap as they do on lap 25. Gives the driver more control with the brake pedal resulting in faster corner entry and exit speeds. 

3 Sizes available
Dynalite $204.80 per axle
Superlite $222.50 per axle
Metric GM (Call 620-326-3152 for Price and availability)

Sold in axle sets (4 Pads per Box)
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