BSB MFG #8020 Double Shear Bearing Birdcage

BSB MFG #8020 Double Shear Bearing Birdcage

The cleanest and best birdcage on the market. This design fixes the problem with most standard double shear birdcage designs. Perfect bearing alignment, zero plate deflection, standard shock drops, and stainless steel bolts that are counter sunk for clearance. Standard 4 link hole spacing plus add holes, 1/2" bolts with shoulder and lock nut, no need for washers. Step bushing allow for dust boots to protect rod ends from dirt. 
  • Replacement Parts

    #8020-1 4 link plate right

    #8021-1 4 link plate left

    #8020-2 Shock plate

    #8020-3 1/4" top plate

    #8020-4 1/4" bottom plate

    #8020-6 4 link bushing

    #8020-7 Shock bushing