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BSB MFG #7615 Outlaw 3 Way PullBar

BSB MFG #7615 Outlaw 3 Way PullBar


BSB 3 way pull may not look like the hottest thing out, but what looks leave off performance makes up. People have been looking for magic in a pull bar but it is just not there, understanding what you need is how you determine what to do. We have fixed some of the issues like plate flex and rod sticking but the main issues is how it makes load to the tire. This is one of the best all-around pull bars on the market for making forward drive there is, it has a great traction curve in a range of 2200 to 2800 pounds which allows just about every tire there is to make grip. If you are looking for magic look somewhere else, but if you are looking for drive here you go.

  • Details

    Pullbar Length
    23 1/2 Center to Center with 2 Female Rod ends
    31 1/8 Center to Center with 10" Tube

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