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BSB MFG #7540-2BC    XD Slider with Quick Cup and Bearing

BSB MFG #7540-2BC XD Slider with Quick Cup and Bearing


The BSB MFG XD Slider features true duel bearing technology with a bearing at the base and a second bearing surface on the face of the plunger to give stability throughout its full range of motion. with a larger bore it can handle more side load than any other slider.

It is a Class III bearing that was design to replace a linear ball bearing setup. This bearing is designed to run in a dirty environment and carry 20 times the load of a linear ball bearing, and can do it with or with out lubrication.

  • Details

    Same as our 7540 but with 2" longer shaft for more extension.

    7540-2 close length 17.1 / open lenght 26.1

  • Replacement Parts

    #7508 Bearing upper

    #7516 Lynch pin

    #7521 1/2 rod end 

    #7522 1/2 rod end male

    #7526 1-7/8 snap ring

    #7540-5 5/8 shaft

    #7540-6 5/8 shaft 2 longer

    #7540-7 Plunger Bearing only

    #7540-9 adjuster nut 1-1/2

    #7540-15 Rebuild Kit

    #7540-16 Rebuild Kit 2" longer

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