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BSB MFG #7070 Steel Brake Floater (Steel)

BSB MFG #7070 Steel Brake Floater (Steel)


New design caliper plate allows better movement of caliper.

Allows you to float the brakes without affecting the suspension.

Allows the car to get on the right front tire.

NOTE: Has same arm (1/2 plate) as 7088 and 7090, which allows you to bolt to birdcage on left rear.

This arm is not picture here.

Brake caliper at 90 deg back or 45 deg.

Inner race to locate. 8310-7 inner race goes on 1/2" thk arm side and 7320- 5 step locator goes on caliper side.

Comes with two 7017 clamp rings.

  • Replacement Parts:

    #7090-1 Arm $42.85

    #7070-1 Caliper plate $37.49

    #7320-5 Step locator $14.00

    #8310-7 Smooth locator $9.00

    #7017 Rentainer ring $17.00

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