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BSB MFG #4350 Double Shear Bearing Birdcage (Right Side)

BSB MFG #4350 Double Shear Bearing Birdcage (Right Side)


(Right Side)This is simply the best birdcage we have ever made, this is what you been asking for and we did it better. Double shear plate design add strength to the plates reducing force that is applied to the bearing allowing the bearing to operate in a smooth function. Plates come with 1/2" hole and standard split, with added hole for adjustment, bolts have shoulders to spread the load across the plate. The nuts are a lock nut with built in washer. Birdcage come fully assembled and precision aligned with all the shock mount, retainer rings, bushing, cross bolts and brake bracket you need.

  • Replacement Parts

    #4350-1 4 link plate left

    #4350-2 4 link plate right

    #4350-5 Shock plate

    #4350-3 1/4 top plate

    #4350-5 1/4 bottom plate

    #4350-7 4 link bushing

    #4350-9 Shock bushing

    #3038 Retainer rings

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