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BSB Black 2512 Series Gas Shock (Steel Shock)

BSB Black 2512 Series Gas Shock (Steel Shock)


The T3, twin tube gas shock technologies allow us to do a variety of things in one shock, one is an internal check system that allows nice low speed split between compression and rebound increasing rebound open times which allow for better diver feel in the car. 2nd it allows us to do internal bypass in the tube which allows us to determine when the shock see bleed and when it don’t. By doing this we can control the amount of time which the car has right front rebound and when it allows that rebound to be released to the rear tires. This changes the balance between the front and rear of the race car allowing a bigger window of error to happen and still have great results in both the front and rear tires. IBP can be done on all 4 corners but is best done on the right front and left rear and can be done with bump zones on both corner of car. This technology is so new to the market we haven’t explored all the ways to use it yet, but we are finding more ways every day, help us to help you find new ways to win.

  • Info:

    •                    Low drag assembly, which includes the divider, seal and main piston.

    •                    Bronze coated Teflon wearband, reduces friction and increase sealing.

    •                    Honed and coated tube ID.

    •                    Shim technology.

    •                    High flow linear piston design and SRT piston.

    •                    Ring grooves cut for coil over kit.

  • Info:

    To determine the location of your Bleed zones we will need to know center to center at ride heigth for the RF and full hike for the LR.

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