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BSB Black 15 Series SRT Piston (Steel Shock)

BSB Black 15 Series SRT Piston (Steel Shock)


The 15 Series shock came into play after we won the NeSmith Street Stock Championship the first time on 20 Series shocks and a rule change required a smooth body shock. As we always do it is a honed body shock with a treated ID surface that will produce a valving that will not fade over the course of a season of racing. This is a full size shock that comes in a 7 inch and a 9 inch and has the coil-over rings cut into the body, this shock will be the Official Shock of the NeSmith Late Model Sportsman class that will start in the 2017 race season. We built a really cool coil-over kit that fits this shock for a 2.5 inch spring. For a shock that has the feel and performance you need and stays inside the rules package this is it, whether your back east or down south this is the shock for you. Here are some other fine points about the 15 Series shock.  (Note we have won the Nesmith Stock Car National Points Championship 5 times)

  • Details

    A 46mm honed body with inner surface treatment

    Billet aluminum pistons

     High Flow linear valving

    Low drag seals and BSB blue shock oil to create the best feel

     For more info check out

  • Options:


    SRT Piston: 

    Slick Rough Track or (SRT) piston was designed to allow the left rear shock to make more traction in the rough, in both a slick and tacky condition. This piston was built based off our Base Valve Shock and how well it worked in the rough. Using this piston in the left rear allowed us to develop two new stacks for the RF and the RR which makes it work even better. The SRT piston allows for more bleed when needed giving the shock its ability to make grip and drive, it also has less of an ill effect to the components on your race car. 


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