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BSB #9081 Spring Smasher

BSB #9081 Spring Smasher


In this world of technology why would we build a product that has less technogoly than what is on the market today. COST, is the main reason, we need information but we are paying for it at a alraming rate. This machine is simple and to the point. It will do everything you need to do at a fraction of the price, plus for the modified guys or others it can measure spring rates too. Special thanks to Jeff Bodendorfer Jr and his dad for helping us with this idea. 

This is a center to center operation done manully the same way it is done on the car, after you have determine your center to center distance you do the same on the machine. When you are at center distance the load cell will determine the wheel load.

  • Options:

    #9082 Spring unloader

    #9085 Bump tester

    #9086 Digital indicator 

    #9084 Spring cup kit

  • Info:

    Wooden Crate:  $100.00 If we are shipping this item it will be in a crate, if you come and pickup this item you will pay Wellington sale taxs.

  • Info:

    • Allows you to set load numbers for both Late Models and Modified.

    • Small footprint allows mounting in trailer,12"wide x 7"deep x 80" tall.

    • Comes with feet, if you want to use it in shop.

    • 28" at full open.

    • 1" adjustments. 

    • 5000 lbs. load cell.

    • 1/2" pin system with one bearing clevis, upper clevis moves up and down to make mounting a shock easier.

    • 110 volt unit no messing with batteries.

    • Cost effective enough to allow you to have one in the shop and one in the trailer.

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