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BSB #7541-C    Slider with Preload Bearing

BSB #7541-C Slider with Preload Bearing


We design the XD series for the racer that wants to spend less time on his race car parts and more time on his race setup.

We added an invert bearing surface to the face of the plunger to give it super stability at full extension. Dual Bearing surface both on shaft and ID of bore.

Bigger bore reduces side load Improved internal parts design for extended life all steel construction.

Com style shockeye on body ends allows for more threads in adjustment area.  

  • Replacement Parts:

    Replacement Parts

    #7508 Bearing upper

    #7516 Lynch pin

    #7521 1/2 rod end 

    #7522 1/2 rod end male

    #7526 1-7/8 snap ring

    #7540-5 5/8 shaft

    #7540-6 5/8 shaft 2 longer

    #7540-7 Plunger Bearing only

    #7540-9 adjuster nut 1-1/2

    #7540-15 Rebuild Kit

    #7540-16 Rebuild Kit 2" longer

  • Info:

    Add "B" to part number for new style cup, (exp 7540-2B)

    Add "C" to part number for perload bearing, (exp 7540-C) or (7540-2BC) for both cup and bearing

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