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10 SERIES 5" BSB Black (Steel Shock)

10 SERIES 5" BSB Black (Steel Shock)


BSB Black 10 SERIES 5" stock mounted gas front shock. IMCA,USRA AND UMP LEGAL. Stock mount shock used for lower level racing but not a lower level shock. This shock, as all of our shocks has a honed body to ensure perfect sealing of the wear band to the tube not allowing oil to bypass under pressure. If for no other reason this is why you should buy this shock, because no other shock can compare to this kind of quality not only do we hone them we all so do a special finish on the inside to reduce friction and increase feel. 

  • Details

    • 46MM High Flow linear gas shock fits hobbies and other metric cars with stock mounts, can get in any valving custom of standard.
    • Low drag assembly, which includes the divider, seal and main piston.
    • Bronze coated Teflon wearband, reduces friction and increase sealing.
    • Honed and coated tube ID.
    • Shim technology.
    • High flow linear piston design.
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