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What is the deal with this mount?

This is a hard one to answer correct because the feed back is poor. When moving the rods forward it should add drive to the car, this is the result the asphalt guys see (more drive). The dirt guys have a car that turns better in the corner on gas, I feel like it loose some of the instance drive on the gas that pushes the nose of the car. One thing about a 3 link car is you are going to set it down on the left rear for sure getting in the corner and this is a real problem when picking up the gas. The car lost all the rear steer and now wants to go forward instead of turning. The forward holes change the way the car picks up on the gas and reduces the push on the nose. Car may not lose as much rear steer allowing it to turn better on rear tires when picking up gas. The car is better on gas when bars are moved forward that we know for sure. If you feel like you have insight on this please commit below or on our Team BSB Facebook page.

This is a good mount and we should all be running it, not just for bar location but how it allows split between plates.

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