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Spring rate change per turn

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

EXP. Lets look at how to change a spring and determine the rate and number of turns it is going to take to get where you want.

Wheel load: 375 on RR with a 150 pound spring.

Current spring height in car with no driver: 10.500" tall or 2.500" compressed.

Here we are going from a 150 spring to a 250 spring and will determine number of turn

need in a coil kit to make spring change and maintain ride height.

Load/spring rate = compressed height of spring.

Exp. 375 load / 150 spring rate = 2.5" of spring compression (spring in car)

375 / 250 = 1.500" (new spring) old spring - new spring = height change

2.500 - 1.500 = 1.00" / 8 turns per inch =.125 In this case it would be 8 turns.

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