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9081 Spring Smasher

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In the world of technology why would we build a product with less technology in it than what is on the market today, COST of ownership. How much do you want to pay for the same results, and do you really need that many bells and whistle? In the end you are spending a lot of money to get some numbers, and in the end, you could have done it for less. We need the information you are looking for we just don’t need to spend that much to get it and this machine is closing the gap in getting you there.

· Allows you to set load numbers for both Late Models and Modified.

· Small footprint allows mounting in trailer.

· 110 volt unit no messing with batteries.

· Cost effective enough to allow you to have one in the shop and one in the trailer.

Movable head unit allow you to rate springs


Optional accessories:

Spring Unloader # 9082 ..........$100.00


Spring Cup Set of 3

#9084 ...........$100.00



Bump Stop Rater

#9085 ...........$100.00

Updated 4-21-2020

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