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7540 Spring Slider

Why we prefer this slider over everything, well it seems to work better than other one I have seen. Here is why we thinks so.

· Dual bearing: There is a bearing in both the seal head and on the end of shaft.

· Honed tube: This allows the bearing on the end of shaft to work without bind.

· End options: We can change end on the slider to make it legal for IMCA or UMP.

· Longer stroke: 7540 (15.7 to 24.7) and the 7540-2(17.1 to 26.1)

· Outlaw Bearing: Even though you might think it is a bushing this is a class 2 type bearing.

Let’s look at some of these things and see how they work. Dual bearing is ideal for full out or preloaded left rears because the side load bind is almost zero on this slider. When car sets back down it can do it with out freeing up the rear tires. The combination of dual bearing and honed allows all this to happen and allows us to do it with tight tolerances, this make for smooth operations over the course of your season. Longer stroke or a smaller closed number allows the slider to open more and that works better with the newer style left rear hike plates we are seeing in today’s market. The outlaw bearing is just a great overall product to replace linear ball bearings where they need to run in a dirty environment.

Here is some info to help you stay on top of your BSB Slider.


Optional Parts for Spring Sliders

OD Spring Cup Aluminum

7540-3 5"od bearing..........$40.00

7545 OD spring holder alum..........$40.00

OD Spring Cups Steel

7540-22 shaft cup..........$29.46

7540-23 slotted cup..........$29.46

Bearing Nut Assy