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Elite Series Shocks

We set out this year to prove something and that was by changing the oil flow when a car hits a bump we can make more traction at the tire. I am not going to try to make you think we did this with million-dollar testing equipment or a bunch of data on the car because we didn’t. We did it with good old racing every weekend and the desire to win, and when the dust settled we finished top 3 in UMP Pro Mod Points. Our testing has allowed us to design a better shock or to make great improvements to the one we had.

Elite shock.png

So, for 2019 we introduce the New BSB Elite Series Shock which is designed to move more oil better through the shock and increase traction over a bump at the same time reducing lag time in the shock and improving the feel in the car. For 2019 we will roll this design out over all three Series of shocks we produce as an Elite option while maintaining our standard design that we currently use.  We wanted to improve what most people are looking for in a shock, FEEL and TRACTION and we feel that we have done that. To be the fastest car on the track you need to work with the people that want to produce the best parts and the most speed with the desire to win. Our advantage is yours.

15 Series Elite and

            15 Series Elite Base Valve

20 Series Elite

25 Series Elite

            25 Series Elite Base Valve

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