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Sanctioning Series
IMCA Racing: / Hobby Stock

9. SHOCKS: One unaltered steel, nonadjustable, OEM-mount shock, in OEM location, per wheel. All shocks must completely collapse at any time. No shock can pre-load or pin any spring. No external or internal bumpers or stops. No bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, air, or remote reservoir shocks. Maximum 2.125 inch O.D. shock body. No gas port, Schrader or bladder type valve allowed. No coil-over eliminators. Rear OEM shock location is 4.5 inches from bottom of housing to center of bolt hole, and centered on control arm bracket. $25 claim on any shock. One or all shocks on car may be claimed per event, counting as one claim on card, following shock claim procedures and penalties (Refer to

USRA: / Hobby Stock

5.5 Shocks & Springs:

5.5.1 Shock mounts must be the same on both sides of the rear end and within two (2) inches of center of trailing arm bolt (up and down, left to right). Spacers, lumber or chains are not allowed. Anything welded to frame or spring is not allowed.

5.5.2 Racing shocks and springs are permitted. Threaded-body and/or bulb-type shocks are not allowed. One (1) unaltered steel non-adjustable OEM mount shock in OEM location. Heim-end shocks are not allowed. Shock shaft must be able to compress all the way into shock body. Shock shaft must move in both directions from its installed position and measured at ride height. Shock cannot preload the spring.

5.5.3 Coil-over, remote and/or air reservoir shocks are not allowed.

5.5.4 Bladder-type valves and/or Schrader valves are not allowed.

5.5.5 Shocks shall be subject to claim, as outlined in Claim Procedures (Article 16). 

UMP: / Factory Stock

A. Racing shocks and springs must be stock mounted in stock location.

Fronts fit 70-81 Camaro 

Rears fit 55-86 GM Full size and Mid size cars.

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