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71 Series Shock

The 71 Series shock has all the great things the 70 Series has but we added an adjuster to it. When we did this, we designed the adjuster to be more positive in the moves, we also redid the needle. The needle is one of the most important factors to an adjustable shock and with the standard needle you just don’t get any good adjustment out of it. We use an inverted needle on a vee slot or straight slot design to increase the amount of adjustment that the shock sees. Along with our standard practice in building a shock we used our proven piston design along with our standard shimming system for an aluminum shock. This shock can come with other features like a Base Valve, Schrader valve or a Linear/Digressive piston along with the standard 8 threads per inch for strength and easy adjustment.

  •    Low drag assembly, which includes the divider, seal and main piston.

  •    Bronze coated Teflon wearband, reduces friction and increase sealing.

  •    Honed and coated tube ID.

  •    Shim technology.

  •    High flow linear piston design.

  •    Ring groves cut for coil over kits.

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