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28 Series Shock
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The 28 Series Shock is a high speed rebound adjustable shock. So how is this different from what we currently have on the market today? First, let's look at the two different rebound adjusters that we have. Currently, we have Low Speed adjusters and High Speed adjusters, a low speed adjuster is the most common and is a needle and jet setup like is found on every Late Model on the track. It adjusts the amount of low speed we see in which changes the grip level of your race car. So, when you look at a dyno sheet you will see that the shock changes at the 1 to 3” range and is mostly the same at the 7 to 10” range. This works well when there is a touch of moisture in the track but as the track begins to dry off one must open the amount of bleed to allow movement at the wheel to maintain some traction. At this point, it becomes hard because the car needs more traction at the tire due to the lower weight transfer. High speed adjuster adjusts the high speed only not changing the amount of bleed that the shock sees but increasing how hard that bleed will work. This allows you to set the bleed level to the point at which it can make traction in the slick and the adjuster makes it work harder when needed.

In cases where it is not legal to run you can use it as a testing device and determine which shock you need to run for the given conditions. Because the low speed in this shock is determined by a shim it repeats very well and allows us to build it in a non-adjustable shock that is legal. So, when testing you can determine at grip level you need to be at and place that shock on the car.

This shock can be sold as a single unit and is approved in USRA for both an A-mod and B-mod or as a set of four that include the test shock and 3 others to get you through the range the shock produces. This is a great piece to add to your team and will change how you race because it gives you more information about your race car.


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