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Shock Package:
12 and 13 Series Shock Package

Each option adds more turn to the race car, but will be effected by the amount of drive each car has.

Old School:

RF 40/20

LF 10/30

RR 30/30

LR 10/45

Option #1

RF1-40/130@100 psi

LF  140/160@100psi

RR  150/160@100psi

LR  125/225@150psi

Option #2

RF1-50/130 @100psi

LF1-40/160 @100psi

RR  150/160 @100psi

LR  125/225 @150psi

Option #3

RF1-60/130 @100psi

LF1-40/160 @100psi

RR  150/160 @100psi

LR1-40-330 @150psi

Valving Options:

Options are unlimited to what we can do, our goal is to create an environment that will turn the car the best. One in which allows a car to build speed thru the corner while allowing the car to turn on the front tires. These options above don't include the kind of tie down you would see in a bump stop style car. At this point we are trying to build a car that is drivable and don't cost a fortune. For more rebound see  the RFGF series of valving we do.

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