Slick Rough Track Piston

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Slick Rough Track or (SRT) piston was designed to allow the left rear shock to make more traction in the rough, in both a slick and tacky condition. This piston was built based off our Base Valve Shock and how well it worked in the rough. Using this piston in the left rear allowed us to develop two new stacks for the RF and the RR which makes it work even better. The SRT piston allows for more bleed when needed giving the shock its ability to make grip and drive, it also has less of an ill effect to the components on your race car. We are unable to show you a picture of the piston since we want you to get the benefits of our products and not your competitor. This piston is available in 10, 15, 20, 25's and 25 base valve shocks from BSB. After two more years of development we have found that the SRT piston should be run in most shocks all the time, we have seen and increase in traction on the tire due to its ability to blow off under bump. We have work to develop several different piston combinations to perform a similar task but have found the SRT to be better.

Slick Rough Track Piston

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