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Shock Lease Program

BSB would like to offer the opportunity to racers going to this year’s race in the dome a chance to run a lease shock program to reduce the cost of your shocks while racing in the Dome. After looking at our inventory of used shock from our upgrade program we decided that this would be a great opportunity to offer you a lease program while racing this year’s dome race. Here is how it will work, you can lease your shocks from us during the week of the race and we will service your shock keeping them in working order during the race event and at the end of the week you bring them back and we are even. Now you say why would I want to do this, we’ll let look at the cost.


Your Current shock program: Sample 1

  • Send your shocks to your shock to change the valving for the dome: Cost 75 x 5 = $375.00

  • Ups shipping there: $30.00

  • Return shipping, repair and revalve to your standard package:  85 x 6 = $510.00

  • Total shock bill to race dome: $915.00

Your current shock program: Sample 2

  • Don’t have a shock guy, go to the dome run bad. Priceless

  • Buy new shock brand x to replace the 2 front shocks: 225 x 2 = $450.00

  • Still have out of the box shocks that don’t work:

Lease Shock Program:

  • Call we talk about what you think will work best for you: $00.00

  • You run a special design package for short rough tracks: 4 x 125 = $500.00

  • You have ideals for what you think will work best: 4 shock or whatever you need.

  • We can ship before the race or you can pick up at the event:

  • Need shock revalved at event: $20.00

  • Need shock fixed after wreck: (shaft and seal head) $40.00

Outline of Program:

  • 4 shocks lease for the program $500.00

  • Revalve during show: $20.00 ea shock

  • Repairs during event parts only: labor free

  • Additional shocks $125.00 ea

  • Return after you race: NO charge to repair if damage. (with options to buy)


The ideal here is to try something different without tearing up your weekly shock program or changing what you currently have, just to race in the dome. It also allows you to take advantage of our short rough track knowledge and the benefits of a SRT piston program. This may not be for everyone, but it may just be what you’re looking for. This is a great opportunity for you to try something different with new technologies and different feel that may improve the outcome of your race car. Give us a call today to get started 620-326-3152 ask for Jay


Shock package for Dome:


Package one:

RF: 7rebound -3 compression; has reb. with low zero, transfers weight to rear tires well. @ 100 psi

LF: 50red-30com @ 125 psi

RR: 4reb-4comp @ 125 psi

LR: 1reb-400 comp cob @ 225 psi


Package two:

RF: 5reb-3comp srt @ 125 psi

LF: 3reb-5comp srt @ 125 psi

RR: 4reb-4comp srt @ 125 psi

LR: 2reb-7comp srt @ 200 psi


Not all shocks will have schrader valves.

If you want special valving just let us know.

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