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BSB Certificates

Please read and understand: This is a gift from us to you, don’t take it lightly because it may not last in this sport much longer and regardless the amount it is money, it is all out of my pocket. We do this because we love the sport of racing and we love the people too, so let’s make this good for both you and the sport. We have add some guide lines to which we need to follow in order to be successful.


Certificates Agreements:

  • When you win something BSB pays for the product, you pay for the freight.

  • You can only redeem them at BSB, don’t give it to a dealer, and don’t give it to a friend.

  • If you are a dealer and you take a cert. you are on your own, don't expect us to make up the difference in money.  You must make arrangements before doing so.

  • Proof of having a cert, you can mail, e-mail, or you can post it on our timeline on Facebook, we prefer that you post it to Facebook on one of these two pages. ( or

  • New for 2018: If you win a free set on shocks from us it will be required to run the product and the decal for the following year, if you feel like you can't do so than don't take the shocks. If something changes, than call and we will work out the details, if not we will bill you from retail for the product you received. The goal is to work together to build a new relationships with people and allow people to try new things.


  • Face value is from retail pricing even when you’re a dealer.

  • Certificate doesn’t equal cash value.

  • Certificates are for what it is called out for, $200 off shocks doesn’t mean birdcages.

  • Sponsorship/certification do not apply to shock repairs, BSB sponsors shocks not repairs.

  • Must be used by the designed dead line, please don't be late.


If you don’t understand how to use it or what to do please call and we will help you in doing it. We want you to use your certificates well, it is good for you and BSB both, this will also allow us a chance to meet people and to build new relationships.


If you win something that we are giving away understand that it cost me money to do this, we are giving you an opportunity to try something different, if you don’t want to use it don’t take it. This is an opportunity to try to improve on what you are doing we may not get it done but we are trying. It is the lack of respect that is bring this to an end, I want this program to work because I believe it is a good one, so please help us to make it work.

Building a better sport !

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